R5 of the Weser EMS Cup, Germany

R5 of the Weser EMS Cup, Germany
A couple of weekends ago the 5th round of the Weser EMS cup was held.
It was a good showing for the NEMO/Agama drivers, with a successful day of qualifying being held on the Saturday, Agama started 1-2-3 come finals on the Sunday with Burak and Berkan leading the way followed closely by Yanic Grieger, Andreas Götting and Bart Mullink, the final was run and out came Burak on top, Berkan third, after a small mistake from Berkan took away his lead over Burak in the early stages, allowing Burak to check out till the end of the race, the results stood as:
1st Burak Kilic Agama
3rd Berkan Kilic Agama
5th Andreas Götting Agama
6th Yanic Grieger Agama
12th Bart Mullink Agama
Well done guys !

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