Double Podium in Germany for Bullitt

From 21 to 02.23.2014 was the 10th Hallrace at RCRT-Quakenbruck instead, many drivers found their way to the Hallraces like Carsten Keller, Marcel Guske , Daniel Reckward and many more. The race was held in the classes 1:8 Buggy Nitro and Truggy Nitro, it was over the weekend a very relaxed atmosphere, despite the few Drive with new material were at the start . Our Team also had some new drivers at the start as Lucas Strothmann, Jan Sievert, Sven Sievert, Jannis Bomers and in the Engine area Carsten Keller . In the Training runs all our drivers came along very well with his material. This was confirmed then again on Saturday in the qualifying rounds where Nick Lorenz with his Truggy ST-RR EVO secured the TQ Title even Carsten Keller won with his Buggy MP9 - TKI3 the TQ Title. On Sunday, the finals were held which were very interesting and exciting, the end result is the combination Bullitt and Tycoon-Power was interspersed with two double Podium.


Buggy OR8 

1. Karsten Keller MP9-TKI3 – BULLITT B-219 – TYCOON-POWER

2. Nick Lorenz MP9-TKI3 – BULLITT B-219 – TYCOON-POWER


Truggy OR8

1. Nick Lorenz  ST-RR Evo BULLITT B-219 - TYCOON-POWER

2. Christian Köster MBX6T BULLITT B-219 TYCOON-POWER


Here also again a big thanks to NemoRacing and to the Team JOracing who have worked the whole weekend together perfectly.

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