Truman Wins at Westmill Astro

After the recent terrible weather, it was relief to see some cars on track at Herts this weekend. Round 7 of their winter series did have to be run on the Astro turf track however as the recent rains had put paid to the dirt track on this occasion.

Agama driver Tony Truman was racing on astro for the first time in a long time, and it took him a little while to get the rhythm of it and to find the grip. The first 2 rounds of qualifying saw Simon Reeves take the round wins as Tony adjusted and made a few errors. Tony got into the swing of it by round 3 and would take the win in this round to line up 2nd on the grid.
By the time of the main final, the track was moistening up again in the afternoon, and Tony would seize this change to dominate the final. Tony drive a faultless final to take the win by almost 2 clear laps after an impressive drive. Pole man Simon took 2nd and Tom Saggers came home in 3rd.

Fingers crossed for some improves weather and dirt track racing soon...

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