UK National and Junior Champions 2016

UK National and Junior Champions 2016

The final round of the 2016 National Championship had arrived and there was excitement in the air as there had been a major reset of the Remote World track at Slough. Upon arriving Friday afternoon the camp was set up and track inspected to see the amount of improvements.  Lots of small and technical sections had been added and the rises and falls that were presented by the track would make for a challenging and race worthy venue for the drivers - all of which adding to the excitement for the start of qualifying come Saturday morning.

The weather forecast for Saturday afternoon was not looking to be great, but we were greeted with clear skies in the morning. In the first practise rounds of the day, the team were looking strong with Joni Skidmore and Ollie Currie putting down some very quick lap times as they become familiar with the new sections and layout. Darren was also looking very comfortable as he evaluated which tyres would offer the best qualification times for himself and the team, initially the Super Soft V-Max tyre was chosen by many as the slightly deeper lug made for good traction and steering but once the surface started to clean up the Super Soft Cubez came into play.

After the first round of qualifying, Darren neared the front of the field just behind Neil Cragg with good performances being shown by many members of the team. William Skidmore and Tony Truman also moving in and around the top 20, in the second and third rounds Callum Nibblet and Ollie Currie started to push on with very good qualification results and runs in these rounds and Darren took the TQ in both. The final round of the day was rather a washout as the weather predictions came true. Darren decided to not go out to save water damage, this was the right choice for him as he took the overall TQ with a round to go on the Sunday morning. Some individuals decided to brunt the wet track and go out, for some this was a good decision and our own Michael Shorey had a very good 19th in round from this one.

After Qualifying the Nemo order went, Darren in 1st, Ollie Currie in 8th, Jonny Skidmore in 11th and Callum Niblett in 14th place.  

Darren was in the second semi final, and he showed a performance of much credit with a flag to flag lead well ahead of the number 2 man, four A215’s made it into the main final. A special mention to Ollie who was running in a commanding 2nd position in the first semi only for his switch to fail. 

The cars were prepped for the final with few changes being made from the seemingly dialled setups that had been achieved over the weekend. The flag dropped and Darren stormed off the number 1 spot, leading with confidence even with Elliott putting the pressure on at some early stages of the race. The lead remained through the 45 minute final with Darren inching away and as the final buzzer went he took the win by over 20 seconds. Since early summer he has been on fire, taking the TQ and overall win at the last three consecutive nationals. With these performances Darren takes the 2016 National title. Backing their team mate up were our junior team with Ollie Currie taking his third junior title in a row, fantastic..... Callum managed to take 2nd overall giving Nemo a great 1-2 finish.  

So quite a year for us, finishing with 3 National titles, nitro, electric and junior. Its our most successful since Nemo was founded and we couldn't be happier with the results or our products. 

A big thank you to the National Organisers for hosting a fantastic series and a well done to the organisers at Slough for really pulling it out the bag with a track that held up superbly with the weather and number of drivers at this final round. Finally  a special thank you to Tracy Boon (Kyle's mum) who very generously made a lovely Nemo Racing cake, big enough for all the team (or Digger) :-)...... We can't wait to come back next year and do it all again :-)

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