Spanish Weekend Roundup, Multiple Wins

Spanish Weekend Roundup, Multiple Wins

Racing roundup from our friends in Spain. Multiple wins over the weekend with the new SV version of the A215...

Provincial de Cadi

Juan Clavijo ( DV mechanic at the last Euros ) & Jose Romero 1st and 2nd overall.  

Win in the Provincial de Cadiz with the Agama SV.

They say that after some of the weekend adapting and learning they are feeling very successful with the SV platform.

“The car is very predictable on its movements all the time and super fast at the same time”

Valladolid ( Castilla y León ) regional championship. 

David Barcena and Borja Hernandez take the first two spots on the podium on A final and Roberto Tirso in the B final.

Various drivers were able to reach the final, but some racing issues halted their chances to make the final, Jesus, Luismi or Jonathan who were really fast. Also Carlos Nogueiras could bump up to semi final. 

Alberto Neira & Mario García made the final as well reaching the 5 and 6 spots. 

Pical Race

A successful weekend had by all Agama users on the very good track of Pical, where every one enjoyed the new SV up to the limits.


Miquel Codina and his Agama A215E  won a Regional Championship race in SERRACINES.

He made a perfect start of the championship wining the race with his Electric buggy. 

He said : the car has an amazing handling over any track conditions, very easy and with a best response on steering prediction, this together with the well known traction of Agama buggy platform makes to him very happy with the performances.  

Also in the final we had Arturo Varela & Jose Vidal who were also fighting hard to reach the podium, but some racing issues against other competitors who also race to bump up in the higher race spots made it difficult to reach the podium. 

Congratulations to every one.


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