AWS Series R4, Ledbury

AWS Series R4, Ledbury
Last weekend we attended the fourth round of the AWS winter series at the Ledbury astro track, a new venue for us. With a full entry list there was none of the usual practise so the first round of qualifying was the first time our wheels would hit the track.

Darren had a tough start to qualifying but came out strong tq'ing the final round by some margin. Jon in Truck had a set of good runs that allowed him to take TQ against some very quick local drivers. Both Darren and Jon were using the new Bullitt B221 motors and soon to be released Beta BE1 servos. Once again both had fantastic runtime from the 221's with Jon able to run over 13 minutes on a tank.

The truck final came up first with Jon on pole. Unfortunately as Jon grew his lead over the field a mechanical issue put him out of the race, but Michael Shorey was on hand to place his A215T on the podium in second place. Onto the A final in buggy and Darren's start to the race was difficult resulting in him dropping to 7th place. He pushed on strong and reigned in the field of drivers ahead to take the lead in the 3rd quarter of the final. Remaining level headed and confident against a couple of over and around passes trying to be made he held the lead and finished in first place. A result that after the first 5 minutes of the race looked unlikely. A special mention to Josh Graham who qualified directly into the A main first time out with his A215SV, qualifying as high as 5th in one of the rounds, a truly awesome drive from the 12 year old.

Thanks to Chris for hosting yet another flawless race meeting along with the track owners for making a very fun and enjoyable astro track for us to race on.

Next weekend we are back at Ledbury for the NitroXCross round 5.

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