Westmill Triple Podium

Agama chassis took victory in all 3 classes at the latest round of the Winter Series at the fabulous Herts Nitro venue in Ware.
The unseasonably warm weather continued and allowed an almost bone dry track right from the off, and some great racing took place over the day.
Darren Bloomfield was putting some more track time in, and he would take a commanding TQ in the Nitro Buggy Class, using the runs to back to back test some different BETA tyres. Fellow team drivers Ollie Currie and Callum Niblett were both running strong and pushing each other on along with Jamie Clancy as they disputed 2nd overall behind Darren. Jon Hazlewood was giving the new and soon to be released Agama A215E another run out, and enjoying the track time hugely with the new car, and the truggy boys were blasting around having fun with Peter Bird on top.

The main finals saw Peter Bird convert his Truggy pole into victory, as did Jon Halewood in the E-buggy class.
The main final in Nitro Buggy saw a masterclass from Darren as he powered away from the field to take a dominant win. Behind was where the action was, with Ollie, Callum and Jamie battling it out for 2nd. Jamie eventually dropped off the back of the other two and left the Agama juniors to fight it out for 2nd. Ollie eventually took the place after Callum made a hard charge to get on the back of him but ultimately fell a little short, this completed an Agama 1-2-3 podium lockout….

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