5th Advent Cup at the Cyzpu Drom

5th Advent Cup at the Cyzpu Drom

Last weekend we were at the indoor electric track named the Czypu Drom located in Bad Oeynhausen. The venue is superb in the presentation, facilities, racing and hospitalities from all of the staff involved.

On Saturday four rounds of practise were ran with three rounds of qualifying afterwards. In practise we had Darren looking very strong with good three lap times which would help for receding. Burak and Berkan Kilic also set some very respectable times, Burak won the warm up event for this race so was quick of the mark. 

With reseeding conducted we moved into qualifying. Martin Hart set a good qualifying times in the lower heats and as we moved up the board we had good times from all Agama drivers, young Ilias Reise set some very strong times for the 9 year old. Burak and Berkan Kilic also showing massively strong runs throughout the day. After qualifying we had Darren in the TQ spot, Burak in 4th, Berkan in 16th and Bart Mullink in 18th.

At the Advent Cup a different final format is run. The qualifying results put you in a standard 1/32A style final with five drivers bumping into the next final, the five drivers who did not bump are then put into an B/C/D/E final this meant drivers had an opportunity to drive a second final. 

Jon Hazlewood was driving better after a slightly patchy qualifying to finish both of his finals in first place, just missing out of the top five in the third final which would of progressed him into the semi finals. Young Burak was in the semi final B and was soon leading and pulling away from Robert until a steering bolt came loose halting his chances of a main final position. In the A semi final we had Darren, Berkan and Yannic. All three Agama in this semi made it into the top 5 and into the main final. 

Before the main final was run we had the B final and the Junior A final. The B final was dominated by Burak as he fought strong to pull back from his disappointing semi final result. The Junior final was run next Burak again fought very well and just snatched the win in the last minute of the race. Berkan rounded out the podium in the 3 spot. 

The main final was up and we had Darren starting in the 3 spot, behind Robert Battle and Mike Weisweg. The flag dropped and all 10 drivers stormed off the line, Darren took an early lead and held it well for the first half of the race until Robert applied some pressure. Darren resisted well but a small error allowed Robert through into 1st. Darren recovered from the crash and held the 2 spot until the flag. Burkan drove a controlled race, competing against the best and finished a brilliant 7th. 

Well done to Robert for the win and a massive thank you to the event organisers and owners for yet another superb Advent Cup race, we look forward to seeing you next year. 

Next weekend we will be at Westmill for their winter round.

Mark Rumble

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