Gary Baird 2015 Irish Champion

With the final round held this past weekend on the AstroTurf track in Navan and the usual weather playing games with the drivers you would need sun cream for the Saturday and a wet suit for the Sunday :) 

Qualifying was mixed for a lot of drivers . The new astro they layed in Navan had plenty of gaps in it that randomly spun your car but also rubber balls instead of sand , it smelt delightfully of melting rubber !! 

The man on a mission Alan Scroggie took TQ with pretty impressive runs . Andrew McClean would line up 2nd looking very controlled and starting to give the older drivers a lot to think about . Gary Baird would line up 4th and Barkley 6th .. Three of these drivers separated only by 2 points in the overall championship ..

So for the final it decided to empty down with standing water appearing in parts of the track the first few laps would be a case of avoiding dipping in and out of the puddles .. Scroggie never looked bag he gave himself a commanding lead by the half way point  in the 45 minute race and to be fair "machine like laps " continued right to the end where he took a very impressive win .Gary Baird has a glitch at the start and lost a little time ,however drove a fantastic 2nd half to the race to catch Barkley and finish 2nd .. With Barkley finishing 3rd and the other two in their positions the overall tittle Goes to Gary Baird with 299 points ( he won't stop smiling ) Alan finishes runner up again for another year on 298 and Barkley 3rd on 297....  

Overall this year we have saw massive improvements with drivers , Andrew McClean one to watch for the future . James Clarke had a really steady end to his season . Ash Tsang looking like he's actually enjoying himself racing again :p ..There are so many . Keep up the good work guys it's great to see so many happy drivers and even ones who play guitars and sing in the evenings !! 

Barkley Abernethy 

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