Irish Nationals R2 Podium Lockout


Irish Nats round 2 took place last weekend at the AstroTurf track of NIMCC . The track itself is challenging as it's pretty tight ,twisty and full on with a pretty quick lap time of below 30secs . If you make a mistake you pay heavy . 
Qualifying and the weather was playing its part with sun showers and although it dried very quickly half the track was bone dry the other half stayed slick . Alan Scroggie set the pace followed by Gary Baird ,Barkley Abernethy and Aaron Vance . 
Finals and it was the same story with the weather , with clouds in the sky mini pins where a no and most in the main final decided it wasn't to be chanced . So with spirals bolted to their cars the first few mins where interesting ton say the least until they got use to the grip level . Alan had a issue and had to retire by the first round of pit stops which left Gary to take up the lead which he didn't come close to relinquishing . Barkley had a flame out on 10 mins and spent 35 mins clawing his way back up to 2nd  . Aaron Vance cut a few times and promoted Colin Whelan to a well deserved 3rd . Hats tipped to Gary Baird a kewl 45 min drive and a deserving win with difficult conditions . 

In eBuggy the final was super close, with 6 seconds covering multiple places. In the end Gary finished 2nd and Barkley 3rd.

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