Bart Wins Dutch Nationals

After already winning the first and second round of the nationals it was now time for the third round.
I came on Saturday early at the track to find a good setup for the high speed astro turf track from RMCA Almelo. On Saturday i wanted to test and try as many as possible to find a good pace around the track, it was very difficult to get enough steering for the tight corners and still drive clean without mistakes. But after some small adjustments i was very happy with the car. I felt I could push it for a long time without making mistakes so at about 15.00 I went home to check the car and mount up some fresh tyres. Sunday at the first round of qualifications i manage to TQ the round it was just a clean run without mistakes, but i felt i needed a little bit more steering. I decided to put a little bit softer front sway bar, this worked very good I TQed also the second round in a much faster time and was feeling much better with the car. For the 3th round I decided to run in the new tyres for the main final. At the beginning the car was very tricky but i manage to keep it on the wheels and take also the last round the time was the same as the first round but i decided to keep the new tyres on because at the end of the round i feel my car was very fast and easy to drive.
for the semi final i checked the whole cars and put some fresh bearings in the clutch bell. I was starting on the first place in semi A. After the first lap I already opened up a small gap and manage to drive away from the field. I took the win with a big margin and started on the pole for the main final. In the main i wanted to start easy so i didn't make a mistake. second place driver made an error on the second lap wich gave me some breathing space and after a few laps he unforunatly fell out with a broken servo, so I decided to run clean laps without mistakes and I could take home the win.


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