Paddn Piston Cup 2015

The Annual Paddy Piston Cup held at the BADMCC track just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland was held over the last weekend, and continued its reputation for being the most fun race of the year. The race is purposely capped at a relatively low entry to allow all competitors huge amounts of track time and the best possible value for money, and with the BETA control tyres it cuts out the need to bring huge amounts of tyres to the event.
The track is world class and surely one of the best in Europe, let alone the UK, quite how the BRCA wont accept a National application from this venue is bizarre.

The racing itself was dominated by Darren Bloomfield, his Agama A215 performing excellently on the challenging track and Darren piloting at the top of his ability to secure the TQ in all rounds of qualifying.

The main final saw Darren Bloomfield drive a controlled race to take a cruising victory in front of Bradley Baird and Graham Alsop. The main final saw a total of 9 Agama A215 chassis take the start in an unprecedented display of dominance.

We are already looking forward to the 2016 edition of the exceptional event!

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