Irish National Lockout

The 5th and final round took place at the astro facility in Navan Co Meath . Forecast for the weekend was warm dry sticky grippy astro ....out come the dremels everywhere as mini pins flail off . With the 2014 national title coming down to this round it was going to be a busy weekend . We had Agama's lying 2nd 3rd and 4th in the championship and our hopes of a title lay with Alan Scroggie . 
Saturday practice went well with all of us settled on very close setups with just a tweak here or there for personal preference . 
Sunday started of pretty damp with heavy dew but it didn't take long to clear ,even in morning practice grip was fairly high . Qualifying went well ,4 cars straight into the A final with little between Gary Alan & Barkley and little J Clarky squeezing into the last direct qualifier spot  ... The final was the a bit scrappy at the start with most of us getting caught one way or another but heads settled and we clawed our way back through the traffic ... Gary took the lead about 20 mins in and looked fairly comfortable . Alan was in 2nd but around  the 3 rd fuel stops Barkley nipped in front of him and started to close Gary down but too little too late . Gary drove a very control race being very controlled in his position ... James Clarke made a well deserved 5th place nice too see the youngsters up there too .. So a hand full of seconds separated an Agama white wash with 1st Gary Baird ,2nd Barkley Abernethy 3rd Alan Scroggie all running the full Nemo packages Agama Bullitt Piranha ....Now to the final positions in the championship , we feel for Alan ,had he finished 2nd he'd have been national champion but was not to be he finished 1 point off with 396 ... Gary finishing 3rd in championship with 395 and Barkley 4th with 392.... 2nd 3rd 4th overall isn't too shabby ... Who knows with a new beast coming and a great team with depth what it will bring !

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