Jerome Wins 2014 French Cup

This last weekend was held the usual Summer French Cup, one of the main event here in the France. Around 130 drivers did the trip in order to race on the Saint Quentin track, famous for its technical layout with lots of jump sections and undulations.

The track was bit muddy for the Friday morning practice due to a massive amount of rain all the week. Even if we are in summer, in the north of France the weather did not offer a really good sunshine... but because of the cars running, the racing lines became nice and clean quickly. It was just awesome and good to drive!

Saturday Qualifications and the weather was not really better than the previous day. Even if it did not rain, the day was windy and cold, under a grey sky. Tire compound choice was easy as everybody was using SS.

The qualifying rounds were really close between all the top drivers and only a small mistake of each could decide the TQ time. The 3 first rounds for me was just nice and nearly full clean which allowed me to get 2 TQ times and a 2nd place. On the 4th round, JP did a massively good job by taking the TQ. The last round saw Jerome Aigoin getting the best time, but the overall TQ finally comes to me in front of Jerome, with JP taking 4th. About the other team drivers, Nico and Felix will be placed in 1/8 finals,  JC my brother and Emeric Pierre placed in 1/16, finals with Loic Nozeran, Fred and Nico Noble in the 1/32 and Alexandre Violeau in 1/64's

The finals on Sunday had been sent out on lightly wet track. Alex Violeau who completely missed is qualifications will bump from the 1/64 all the way to the 1/16's. Fred will stop his race in 1/32. after the pressure was too high for him in the last 2 minutes and he will finishing the 5 spot in his race. About Loic and Nico noble, they both bumped into the 1/16's but ended their race there. Emeric Pierre would also end in the 1/16', but JC bumped up in to the 1/8 joining Nico, but both will stay there unfortunately due to some crashes with other guys in the last couple of laps.

In the semi A, the lead was shared between myself and Yannick during the whole 20 minutes, which I was finally able to take the win in the last few minutes.

On the B side, JP did a massively good run, just flying around the track. He led it from the start to the end, and even get the number 1 spot for the main final grid due to his fast time.

On the main final, I was able to take the lead after a couple of laps following a mistake from JP. I was fighting with Yannick Aigoin during 10 minutes for that position until he had to stop following a switch issue. I was able keep that position until the end of the race. JP was at this moment in 2nd spot, and close to make the fantastic double on the podium! But he unfortunately did a bad crash 2 minutes before the end and offered that place to Jerome Aigoin. JP finally took 3rd spot which meant the 1st National podium here in France with 2 "Sartel" and 2 NEMO Racing full package!

So the Weekend is over and it's now time to be concentrated for the worlds!

Thanks a lot again to my sponsor : NEMO Racing, Agama, Bullitt, Beta, Piranha Fuel for providing me/us such a good quality products.

Jerome Sartel

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