Paddy Piston Cup 2014

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We ran 2 rounds of practice on the Friday night from 6-9pm. This helped us clean the track and allow the surface to bed in .This year we saw many visitors from previous years return and quite a few new ones ... Our event boasts probably the most track time at any event you may come across as we believe keeping the numbers at a sensible level allows a level playing field for any visitor .This event like in previous years kept with the control tyre theme , 1 tyre in 1 compound , no hasstle turn up bolt them on and off you go.

Qualifying was all about one driver Darren Bloomfield , returning for his second time with us Darren found himself at home on the track and started to put in some very fast times . Tq was wrapped up for him by Saturday evening with 2 rounds still to run on sunday morning .Graham Alsop looking like he had a hard fought 2nd under his belt and Jon Hazelwood fighting out 3rd with Bradley Baird ..Behind those guys anything could happen as the next bunch of 6 or 7 drivers where swopping places every round .... Most impressive being Jonnny Skidmore , first time visit to badmcc and getting in the groove fairly quickly.

Darren Bloomfield above doing some autographs for the younger kids on their wheels .

Pictures above are some of the winners of our sweetie races held on Saturday night ,with over 30 drivers competing in 2 finals for harribos anything can happen ...Even mr Bloomfield got in on the action!

The most important thing at the event ...Everyone loves a nice bit of silverware!

Above are the ebuggy winners , a new class with some great support 
1st Aaron Vance 
2nd Ash Owen
3rd Mick Butler 

Above are the nitro buggy winners 
1st Graham Alsop
2nd Jonny Skidmore
3rd Alan Scroggie

The nitro final , where do you start , 60 minutes of pure drama .Bloomfield had it in the bag 1.5 laps up he retired , Alsop took the lead and never looked troubled till the closing minutes ...others drivers retiring promoted Jonny skidmore and Alan Scroggie .... Alsop had a flame out with a few laps to go , Skidmore looks like hes going to take the lead just as Alsops car leaves the pits and im leaving so much out ! needed to be there ! We love 60 minute finals they bring the rollercoaster into our sport and absolutely anything can happen and it did .


Where so I start with Graham Alsop, he has been coming to us now for 4 yrs and has won each time . We now have a 5x winner trophy sitting waiting to tempt him to return for 2015 .... Congratulations Graeme a hard fought weekend well done .


Well done to everyone involved from the guys that helped prep for the event to the ladies that cooked are food at the bbq. You all deserve a pat on the back job well done ...... We as a club would like to thank all those visitors that took the time to travel and come race with us , we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did sharing the place with you .... A special thanks goes to our sponsors for the event , Armstrong country foods who supplied our bbq food , Tkr graphics who supplied the trophy boards and car numbers, Gordon from Topaz airport rd nuts corner filling station for the GT85 , Ironside Trophies who look after our pistons every year and finally Jon from Nemo Racing not only for supplying our control tyre but for helping to bring some of the biggest names in racing to our club !

YKK productions has made a nice little video of the event and can be found here



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