Roar Nats Warm Up

Hello fellow Agama drivers! 
This past weekend was the Nats warm up for the USA. 
My dad and I arrived the night before to set up and take a look at the revamped Thornhill circuit track.
It looked very good and couldn't wait to get onto it.

Thursday was open practice and spent most of our time driving and setting up the buggy. We made a few changes and decided that Beta Vmax would be the tires to run for both.

Friday was 2 qualifer for buggy and truggy. 
In buggy I had too much steering and side grip and struggled a little. 
Truck was good but lost a steering servo and only had 1 run.
Made changes to both overnight. 
Repaired the truck and went to 16 degree caster blocks, 12k front diff and 5 in the rear.

Saturday was 2nd set of qualifiers. 
Truck was awesome for 2 laps, and servo gave up. So I decides to concentrate on buggy.
I had a good run in the morning and ok 2nd one I felt good about it.
A friend loaned me a another steering servo so i would have track time on Sunday.

Sunday was mains day.
So I was in pro truck B main and the semi pro buggy. 
Pro truck I started in last place, got a great start and worked my up bump up spot after 20 minute main.

So onto truck A main,  starting 15th,  ugh....had a decent start and worked my way up to 10th by the end of the race. I had run the servo saver looser so I wouldn't hurt my loaned servo. ..

Buggy semis 30 minutes
I had a number of super fast pro's in my semi but felt that I could make top 6 to go straight into the A main but ended 7th. But it was faster than the 2nd semi main, so I would start 13th in the A main.

Buggy A main 60 minutes
Well I made a mistake by running a medium compound tire, and I had to come in after 10 minutes to have dad to put softer tires on.
Much easier to drive!
About 20 minutes into I made a mistake and hit a huge nail sticking up and ripped the screws out of the rear toe block.
We ran back to the pits and replaced the missing 3 degree pill and the screws locked back into the diff!
Went back out onto the track for the 25 minutes to salvage what I could. 
Finished 12th and had good time.

I must say I got plenty of race time , over 2 1/2 hours of driving. Wow.
Really impressed with the Agama reliability!

Thanks to Nemo Racing  Usa !

Hunter Kinsey

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