French National Championship Round 1

Hi everybody

Just traveling back from the first nationals who was held this weekend on Le Teich track, situated around Bordeaux. Track and weather conditions were really hard due to the rain and soft dirt track surface. Hopefully, we have been able to do the 2 mains under the sun... But as you can imagine, we have spent a lot of time to clean our stuff...

Track was unfortunately really bumpy and looks like we would have been back on the ninetee's years!

In this condition, Jerome Aigoin was just able to win the race in front of his brother. I finally took 3th, which is a good start for the championship.

My Agama mate and nephew did an amazing race too! After his recent win last week in Reims, he qualified 9 this weekend, to finish 4! After a wrong start, he has spent a long time between 10 and 11th, before pushing and passing all the other drivers, to take finally the 4th position 2 laps before the end. Hugon complete top 5.

Savoya has been unfortunately disqualified after his semi,  his car did not work on the technical box.

In 2wd class, Dupuis took again the win with Bullitt and Piranha! And his last year title, he looks still on the good vibe! We hope for him the best his coming nationals.

Next step will be now the EFRA GP on Noeux les Mines track! @ home!


Jerome Sartel


* Thank you to for the use of the photos


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