South of France Regional Round 1

Last Sunday was the opening of regional season in the South of France, with a regional race on the wonderful Pierrefeu track! The sun was hear and shone a lot, to arrive at lunch time with T-shirt and around 24°C, in march... Welcome in south of France! Track was flat with some good jumps, few dusty with a little grip, very pleasant. Our new recruit Loic Nozeran and I were here to represent Nemo for this race.

70 drivers were present for this first meeting. Beta was the most represented tires manufacture, with around 40% of cars equipped. 

In promotion class, Patrick Diomede was amazing on track, and took pleasure with his Agama/Bullit/Beta package. Fast in qualifications with a top 5 and in his semi, he was able to fight for the podium in the main. But unfortunately, he flamed out for empty tank in the middle of the race, during his battle. So he finished 7th. Good job man, you're on the right way! ;) Ludovic Bourgue finished 3rd with his Bullitt/Beta package, congrats too! :)

 In open class, the level was good with the Yannick Aigoin's presence, Zak Medjoubi, and Julien Lattanzio. Loic was without pressure on track for qualification, and took the 7th place for overall. For me, finished 4th after some tests.

Semis let all the team to go up in the main, with another Agama/Bullitt/Beta/JVD package, that of Jacques Mathieu! So 3 package in the main, and a Bullitt/Beta combo more with Yannick Roubaud. This last finished 8th after a safety run. Jacques finished at a good 11th place, after a great level in the main. Retirement isn't the actual question for grand-father! 

Our new young talent Loic Nozeran took so much pleasure on track with his full package for his first race in open class. He was able to conclude at a good 6th place for his first main at this level, after a good start in the main's beginning. Great job buddy! You was impressive on track and show us a consistent driving! Continue on this way! ;)

As far as I'm concerned, a bad start cost me a place in front of the race and finally I finished in 5th position. 

Next step, next week on Cogolin track for the second round.

See you on tracks! ;)

Nico Lerda--Ricci

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